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club in China is becoming more and

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money", even tightening on players' wages.To participate in this year's afc champions four south Korean team, for example, they add up spending on signings are less than 10 million euros.Of course, there are the leading cause of South Korea players to play in China is not a big money, but think of the level of the Chinese super league has caught up with K."Before the Chinese league level is inferior to the league, so the Korean players don't want to come to China to play, they felt that her state can't come to China to play. Now the situation has changed, club in China is becoming more and more big, the introduction of many excellent coaches and players, so the overall level of the Chinese super raised, as good as the leagueYesterday, just back from sochi, the CPPCC national committee, the Chinese figure s supra owen cheap   kating team head coach yao bin said in an interview in Beijing, although Chinese pairs perform poorly in the Olympics, but the second-line team is growing, "people should not be disappointed in future."Torino and vancouver Olympics won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze pairs of China, failed to win a medal in sochi.At present, the "troika" of the former, shen xue and zhao hongbo have replaced PangQing, TongJian sochi is going to retire, after two years only hao and qianshou's new partner Ken peng continue racing game, two people in the Olympics only 8.Such a sight, let many people worry about skating in China from now on.Mr Yao bin optimistic, in fact this a few years "skates second-line team has been equipping about".Among them, the SuiWenJing/Han Cong FIFA world championship in 2012;They Jin Yang won a world championship silver, green Olympics and youth championship finals;The performance of the new combination Wang Xuehan/wang lei is also stable."Four years or eight years, the team will come up with a qualified answer, dare not say there will be a second orgasm, but should be not let 


people down."Is known as "China flower slide godfather" yao bin revealed that due to the body, they will gradually take a back seat, from the current skating coach zhao to pick up the baton.Yao bin that runner zhao need time and stage to show the genius, so they will be "FuShangMa, delivering a ride, and intervention".Yao bin also said that now, in addition to the traditional sports schools, professional leagues, club and national team selection of main talent base.And the development of club pattern, objectively also increases the population of skating.After years of development, China's flower market is gradually maturing.And ShangYan appearance such as "artistry" on the ice, as well as more active service failed to become a world-class player and retired athletes provided stage.Left the field of the team's young fellows, with a look of relief on his face.Although the 3-1 loss to Iraq team last night, but with the final goal difference advantage, the team's or thrilling to qualify from the Asian cup qualifiers.Only is, once behind 3-0 is ever came to be washed out of the edge of the cliff, if not Thailand eventually Lebanon team 2 goals, the team's, might go through a dark moments again.A sense of team!For the team's last night in Iraq, is almost a "stable outlet" game.Compared with its  supra skytop ii cheap    direct competitors of Lebanon, before hand six goal difference, as long as don't score, can ensure outlet.Perhaps because of such huge advantage, before the game, even the national soccer team players is the truth, don't consider problem."Although we currently dominant, but would not consider a draw to qualify, strive for the best achievement qualification, the object of the game is to win."Captain zheng zhi said.Even the team's current coach perrin, to qualify for the team is also full of confidence, "we are currently in a group vantage point, we will make use of these advantages, the Asian cup to enter Australia. Although we are on the road, the opponent is very strong, but we had a desire to win and confidence."Just, the game process is far more than the way it 


is.The 23rd minute, Iraqi team younis offside ChanDaoQiu break;The 43rd minute, younis in unmanned defense again under the condition of the break.The first half, the team's had already 2-0 down opponents., Lebanon at a time when the other games leading Thailand, goal difference between the two sides gap with only 2.National soccer team will be able to qualify, painted a big ask,...Interestingly, at this time, the fans began to "support" on the net the Thailand."Thailand survive!""Thailand don't water!"As for the team's game against Iraq team, has no one seems to care.China is moving at this time.When will the score rewriting is 3-0, when Lebanon will expand the score to 5-1, when the team's players on the court not show hemorrhagic but vacant, seems to be the same as the previous time and time again: gradually leave until qualification hopes.If the score remained to the end, the team's will be eliminated."We even a rhetorical criticism of Thai water reason all have no!"This is a feeling from the fans on the Internet at that time.Maybe even never thought he (she), the team's game the most should be "thank you" is Thailand.When 71 minutes Yu Dabao help the team's "won" a penalty, when dilute zhang zhe adone Angle under low goal hit, calmly, Thailand also use their own "stubborn", again into the Lebanese 1 ball.Is is the goal, and ultimately help the team's excitingly, this time, the luck is on the team's side.Yesterday morning, the Chinese football association announced on its website, the formal approval of shenhuasupra skytop ii uk   equity transfer.In the period of the public, although the Chinese football association received controversial materials submitted by the relevant parties, this once affect the shenhua transfer process.Concerned, however, by investigating and coordination, after to the Chinese football association to provide solutions and commitment, in this position from the lunar New Year continues today and let people from all walks of life pay attention to the equity transfer has finally ended.And also mentioned in the football association's announcement, "after obtain the 

hoarding scarce players and optimize

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 clearly points out, looking for players from 1988 to 1991, it can be said that the national security with the transfer of this winter, at the same time to complete the supplement weak position players, hoarding scarce players and optimize the structure of the team age two tasks.Substitute signings ahead of time for a rainy day, the loss of personnel of the internal tapping, guoan finally learned a lesson from the previous transfer.High performance/price ratio, and foreign aidThe national security on the introduction of foreign aid this year, finally to realize the importance of cost pnike free 4.0 v3 running shoes erformance.Passing on the national security in foreign aid introduction, price is always a troubling question: rinaldo, salomon kalou DE los has, confirmedThree goals in the most difficult to realize there is no doubt that is the goal of the fa cup final.Because of the draw, the national security, with many good points in the same area, this means that the national security to realize the final goal, needs to be eliminated and, luneng and evergrande, fa cup goal one can imagine how hard it is.The second difficult goal, should be the crown into the last eight.Right now from the security group, J league Hiroshima three arrows are in the group or the FC Seoul the championship last season, with central coast mariners this spoiler, there is the possibility of the national security qualification, but after the group phase, if you want to enter the last eight, the national security is facing come from group E shandong luneng, Osaka cherry blossoms, or posco, considering the knockout unpredictability, it is not easy to accomplish this goal also.The final goal is the league into the top three.Security into the season is not small, but considering the manzano fusion time is shorter, with the whole team guoan league prospects can only be used cautiously optimistic to describe, but compared with the first two goals, the top three in the league, must be the most easy to implement.The text/our reporter Zhang WeiTactical formationManzano 4141 what?Afc champions first round 


away in the face of Hiroshima three arrows, the national security play 4141 formation, it is manzano brought us the first accident.In 4141 the formation, is suitable for the national security?In today's world football, the use of the most famous 4141, is bayern coach pep guardiola.But security apparently does not have the personnel that bayern type reserves.In fact, if security is to play 4141, without the power under the premise of fully suppress the other party, Ma Jiji as a barrier in front of the defence, is must exist, but it also means river as it is hard to play, because in the anchor position using two foreign aid is a bit of luxury.In fact, afc champions to Hiroshima, river into a position in the attacking midfielder, but when the tara can play river into position and is a problem.As a central midfielder, river into more should bear the backcourt tandem with midfield role, and he, tara, Ma Jiji PiaoCheng should be how to use,nike free 3.0 v4 mens uk  even manzano is perhaps the most needs to solve the problem, also is the national security midfielder this season most anticipated Dutch coach Louis van gaal 4, said that in the Brazilian World Cup semi-final goal difficult to achieve for the Netherlands, the Dutch are not favourites.After euro 2012, Louis van gaal second as Netherlands coach, his mission was to be led in the cup into the semi-finals.In the group stages, the Netherlands and defending champion Spain, Chile and Australia in the same group.In the warm-up and France, Netherlands, is then Louis van gaal temporary list will be announced 30 people at the World Cup.Beijing time 22 last night, 2015 Asian cup qualifier in Australia on a focus group C, the olyroos at sharjah Chinese football challenge.The 23rd minute, younis have offside ChanDaoQiu lead;The 43rd minute, Eunice again before the break,Tim 58 minutes, 6 CARDS into the home side's third goal;The 72th minute, Yu Hanchao penalty, dilute zhe 


he hit a ball back.Eventually the team's 3-1 defeat to Iraq, the Iraqi team to qualify for second.But the team's luck is good, although Lebanon team 5-2 win over Thailand, but goal difference, Lebanon team goal difference was 2, and the Chinese team goal difference is 1, the Chinese team with a goal difference advantage to get the best team in the third, will face the Asian cup.Thank you to Thailand, they have been in the last minute of the game, to help the Chinese team to qualifyBarcelona captain carles puyol, at a news conference yesterday morning announced that will leave Barcelona at the end of the season.Although he's contract with Barcelona two years left, but he decided to terminate the contract in advance.This season is carles puyol for barca first-team 15th of the season.Puyol was blunt: "I called you to is to announce that I will no longer be the Barcelona club at the end of the season. Between me and the club agreement on how to deal with this problem, we will terminate the contract two years left."He said: "in two very large after the surgery, I find it hard to return to that I can continue to stay here. This is the reason why I make this dnike free 3.0 v5 womens  ecision."Carles puyol gone without answer any questions.In December 2012, carles puyol and Barcelona to extend his contract until June of 2016.Spain's daily dello sport had previously disclosed, carles puyol will leave after the end of the season, because he don't want to be a burden to Barcelona.Carles puyol was born on April 13, 1978, 1995 to Barcelona pull Marcia academy, in 1999 into the Barcelona team, becoming captain in 2004, has helped Barcelona win 21 championship trophy.Last weekend in la liga win against almeria's competition, carles puyol beyond Gary m become Barcelona

in set pieces last season at least

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 in set pieces last season at least three or four goals. The new season, I also hope to be able to score as much as possible for shenhua, I am willing to do all the things you can do for the team."And about Sundaysupra skytop ii for sale 's Derby war is, Andre, said he played very derbies in Brazil, "I think it's a Derby perhaps 50 other games so important."Against Iraq is experienced after the team's new ShuaiPeiLan arrived first official match, can't have already decided on his pre-match perrin in command personally, and just sat on the bench.But obviously let perrin couldn't sit steady, the process of the game from the quiet sat records, to express my views to the sidelines, can see perrin is urgent.As CCTV commentator Duan Xuan said, "at a critical moment in Iraq have spiritual leader younes, and China's spiritual leader, who is?"In the game, the team is given priority to with evergrande players of the Chinese team in attack is exposed out of the way is not much, lack of crit, ball, and complete the work in the past was done by foreign aid in the constant brigade, today's national soccer team, is precisely the lack of such person.Especially in the first half of the game, the Chinese team did not find suitable for their own style, the midfield player to cooperate with each other is not very well, but his head, resulting in the first half decent a few shot from Wang Yongpo luneng players.It should be said that in such a game, the Chinese team has exposed many problems, although ultimately to qualify the Asian cup finals, but such a way of promotion but let Chinese fans as a bone sticking in throat is uncomfortable.Compared with the fans, of course, believe that the worst is the new ShuaiPeiLan.When after the half, the Chinese team when facing the situation of unable to qualify, perrin become ugly face, and he stood up and rushed to the site directly, even toward the court players Shouting.For perrin, took over the Chinese team into the Asian cup at this time, already there are many uncertain factors, although the contract is signed in 2018, but can lead to real at that time, no one 



can know.From Australia's Asian cup in 2015 and nearly 1 years of time, although seemingly quite long, but there are still many leaves China new ShuaiPeiLan problem on Saturday night, the national security of the 2014 Chinese super season is about to set sail in the stadium.After a fire, she return manzano unrest in the winter of 2013, the national security is looking forward to this can warm the hearts of the spring of 2014.In order to make their team have again to the competitiveness of the honor and the title, the national security the most key change is in the transfer market.Stability is a polysemous wordName of Shanghai shenhua, make security since the China's football vocationalisation, remaining a without replacing the investment subject, and remained in the top flight team.Stable, appears to have been a security on the most significant.This stability, to some extent for the players have a certain    supra owen uk appeal, but on another level, this kind of stability, also let the national security in the past a period of time has become the salary of medium, transfer into small, in the past 10 years, the national security maintained the stability and performance is not bad, but is not good, the first harvest in 2009, and so far only a league title.The competitiveness of the forgottenBut this stability, bring to the national security is the lack of competitiveness on two levels: the national security NaWaiYuan the transfer market over the past several years, have never played a leading role.Prior to this season, the national security team NaYuan first billionaire, is Zhang Yonghai that year to join the national security of RMB 4 million.The price, can not with evergrande, al marina, luneng will cost millions of NaYuan compared introduced;Can't use transfer fee and salary attract players, the national security on the honor of competitive nature also impossible.If these three years from 2007 



to 2009 the national security also every year's champions league contenders, that evergrande after entering the Chinese super league in 2011, the national security faced each half of the season will become with runners.Signings strength than ever beforeBut in the winter, the transfer of security has always been the steady style was finally broken.This winter to introduce four NaYuan, Zhao Hejing is free to join, Li Yunqiu transfer cost is controlled in 7 million yuan, and introduced from shenhua Song Boxuan and introduced from ShenXin Chen Zhizhao spending, is in 20 million yuan of above.Rough a calculate, security spending on NaYuan introduced this winter, more than 50 million yuan!It is never in the past season.The introduction of foreign aid, the national security also broke the barriers on the Numbers: river into a transfer fee of $1.6 million and $1.2 million in annual salary, in the national security on the introduction of foreign aid in Asia are new records;The $3.5 million transfer fee of tara, it is become the most expensive foreign aid in the national security.To break through the security price barriers, finally became the leading role in the transfer market.Finally learn to save for a rainy dayBesides Numbers, the thinking of the national security in the transfer nike free 5.0 v4 for sale  market, there has been a fundamental change: contrast before the introduction of NaYuan, four NaYuan guoan introduced this winter, in addition to Chen Zhizhao, three other people is their last season played all the team's absolute main force;And must leave at wangxiaolong did not identify, the national security has already started to contact Song Boxuan and Chen Zhizhao at the same time, it also avoids the Yang Hao at the end of 2010, Huang Bowen ran away at the same time, lower back position personnel lack of embarrassment;And, more importantly, the national security of the season NaYuan introduced important standards, is

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